Price list 2015

Architect Gernot MinkeCovered AreaUnit PriceTotal Price
Casa Hobbit84 m²780,00 US$/m²65.520,00 US$
Casa Hobbit, 158158 m²750,00 US$/m²118.500,00 US$
Casa Triada117 m²750,00 US$/m²87.750,00 US$
Casa Duplex160 m²750,00 US$/m²120.000,00 US$
Casa Arcadia208 m²750,00 US$/m²162.240,00 US$
Casa Colonial338 m²780,00 US$/m²263.640,00 US$
Architect Roxana Saguier Covered AreaUnit PriceTotal Price
Casa Linda201 m²530,00 US$/m²106.530,00 US$
Casa Standard233 m²530,00 US$/m²118.800,00 US$
Casa Comfort290 m²530,00 US$/m²139.150,00 US$
Casa Espacio 312 m²530,00 US$/m²153.450,00 US$

The purchase price includes 10% VAT (value added tax in Paraguay)

Lots No. 01-92, Price / m²:

Developed land
16,00 US$

The purchase price includes 10% VAT (value added tax in Paraguay)

Running costs

Electricity / kWh0,13US$
Potable water / m³1,10 US$

Telephone and internet connections are installed by private companies and are their responsibility.

Security costs, maintenance of green areas, waste disposal and maintenance of the infrastructure will be determined by the homeowners on the basis of a calculation of cost recovery. Prices are calculated on the basis of the “Co-ownership rules” determined by the size of the lots.

Fixed cost / month20,00 US$
Price / m² 0,02 US$
ExampleFixed cost / month20,00 US$
Lot 1.500 m² x 0,02 US$30,00 US$
Total / month50,00 US$