Frequently Asked Questions – Please click to read replies

Can I visit the project?
What stage is the development at?
Are there people who already live there?
Is security guaranteed?
Can I be a trial occupant, or can I rent and what is the price?
Is there a public transport connection from Valle Tucan to Asuncion?
Do I need a permanent residency permit to purchase a property, and how can I obtain it?
Can I reserve a lot?
How much does a lot cost? What is included in the price?
Is there a telephone and internet connection? How much does it cost?
Is there a time limit within which to start construction?
Can I build my own house?
Can I draw my own plans?
Can I build a pool? How much does it cost?
How long does it take to build a house?
What are the payment terms?
How do I choose the toilets, tiles and other items?
Are there noise, dust, and dirt due to the construction of neighboring residences?
How is legal security guaranteed?
Is there a property tax and how much is it?
Can I make contracts on the basis of a valid passport?
Do I have to come to Paraguay for the signing of the contract?
The co-ownership regulations state that the property is indivisible. What if I want to build a double house and sell one of them?
I still have to work 10 more years. If I’m building now, can I lease the property? What is the cost of providing rental service?
How much rental income tax is paid in Paraguay?
Who are the tenants? Should I expect defaults?
Is this project strictly for German-speakers?
I’m looking for a long-term retreat for the elderly. What are the options in Valle Tucan?
I’m in Level 3 care in Germany and I’m looking for a place where there is no shortage of hired assistants. Can you give me some information on this subject? How much does it cost?
I am a geriatric nurse and I like the idea. Can I send my resume?
Can I get involved with my extensive professional experience as … in the project?
Is there a philosophy behind the project?