Drinking water


Emboscada is located in the foothills of the Cordillera de los Altos. The bedrock consists of massive sandstone. Groundwater in the region is of excellent quality; however, it is found deep in the sandstone. Valle Tucan has an automatic water supply system as it has its own artesian well. The well was drilled 110 meters deep and covered with a gravel-lined tube filter. The well pump pumps about 2 m³ of potable water per hour. The water quality is very good, such that it can be used domestically without further treatment. Water supplies to the houses are fed by gravity through PE pipes. Each house has a water meter, which will serve for billing according to consumption. The price per cubic meter of water can be found in the price list.

Wastewater treatment


We want to maintain good groundwater quality long-term, so we stress the importance of treating waste water, a process that goes beyond the requirements established by Paraguayan law.
The water purification systems are natural decentralized treatment systems from the Janisch and Schulz GmbH engineering company. Typically, each lot has its own sewage plant.
Each system consists of a septic tank and reed bed filter planted in an area of 8-12 sq. m. The system is fed by gravity or a small pump, if necessary.
The systems are integrated into the environment and at first sight are not seen as wastewater treatment plants. The reed bed is covered with typical local vegetation. The plants’ surface is dry, they do not produce bad smells and you can walk over them. The purified wastewater can drain into a tank or be collected in a cistern for irrigation. Wastewater fees or other costs are not applied for decentralized wastewater treatment. Of course, this system should be maintained and the septic tank must be emptied every 4-5 years.