Buildings designed by Prof. Dr. Eng. Gernot Minke

The objective of Architecture by Gernot Minke is to create attractive, high quality buildings built with local materials, while strictly observing European standards. A special feature of Minke’s designs is the barrel vault that covers all interior and exterior spaces. The result is an impressive 3.60 m high room, in which hot air escapes through large windows, thus also creating well-lit interiors.

The average annual temperature is 22 ° and can vary between 10 and 40 ° Celsius. As Gernot Minke says:

“Despite these relatively large temperature fluctuations, you can create a comfortable environment through select design measures that don’t require excessive energy consumption. This is accomplished, for example, by vaults and massive internal walls which counteract fluctuations due to their thermal mass. The green roof prevents intense solar radiation from heating the rooms and reduces cooling of the house at low temperatures. The air circulation provides overnight interior cooling in the hot season. The windows are designed to prevent the entry of intensive solar radiation. “

The exterior walls are very well insulated and are usually coated with natural stone; the interior walls are built with clay bricks, which provide balance to swings of humidity.
The aim is to create a pleasant and healthy environment with minimal use of heating and cooling systems.

Below you can see some designs by Gernot Minke, created for the Valle Tucan project. Interior subdivision is made according to personal preference and interior decor is customized. The first buildings can be visited by appointment. You can find more price information in the price list.



This little house has a kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. The terrace is covered by a dome. The barrel vaults are in the living room, where they form a classic cross vault.
Casa Romana

Living space:
71 m²
13 m²
Enclosed living space:84 m²


Two bedrooms, each with private bath. The terrace is completely covered by the dome and protected by architectural shading devices made of natural stone that prevent excessive sunlight exposure.
Casa Triada

Living space:82 m²
Terrace:35 m²
Enclosed living space:117 m²


This house consists of five barrel vaults. It can be divided into two apartments, each with separate entrances and terraces. Natural stone shading devices are installed around the windows and doorways of both terraces.
Casa Duplex

Apartment I:96 m²
Apartment II:64 m²
Enclosed living space:160 m²


A curved dome crosses three barrel vaults, thus creating a large central space, which is used in this design as a dining room.

The vaulted ceiling is covered with a garden. The ceiling height is 3.90 meters. The dome may be finished with plaster, brick-face or natural stone.

Casa Arcadia

Living space:167 m²
Terrace:41 m²
Enclosed living space:208 m²


The building is characterized by a large interior courtyard which in this example includes a pool. The cross vaults are supported by columns, which create a unique space as seen in historic colonial-era buildings. The rooms are spaced along the columns.
Casa Colonial

Living space:210 m²
Interior courtyard:128 m²
Enclosed living space:338 m²


Designed as a holiday home or senior residence, with a bedroom, kitchen and a large bathroom. The house is designed as a series of vaults. Above the living room, the vaults intersect and form an impressive cross vault.
Casa Hobbit

Living space:75 m²
Terrace:9 m²
Enclosed living space:84 m²

Buildings designed by Prof. Dr. Eng. Gernot Minke

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