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Masterplan Valle Tucán

Conjunto Valle Tucán

Just outside Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay, a guarded residential development set in a picturesque subtropical landscape has been born. Numerous large lots are marked off and offered for sale. The lots sold are exclusive property of the purchaser, who therefore can live in Toucan Valley according to their personal preference and enjoy the full support and security that the community offers.

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Oficina Valle Tucán

Sustainable Architecture

We offer house plans that have been exclusively designed for the development to help landowners invest in their property. For architectural planning we called on the support of the Colombian architect Ximena Tascon and the internationally renowned German architect Prof. Dr. Eng. Gernot Minke. Architect Ximena Tascon proposes building designs adapted to Latin American traditions while Prof. Dr. Eng. Gernot Minke specializes in green buildings located in tropical and subtropical climate zones.

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Turquoise fronted Parrot


Enjoy a virtual tour of the amazing world of Paraguayan birds. This site is intended for residents, visitors and friends of the Valle Tucan Project, where thanks to their collaboration, you will find instructions and advice regarding various topics like immigration, Paraguayan driver’s licenses, moving containers or information about medical care. Also on this website, we introduce you to the community, the daily life of the people, and their customs and traditional festivals.

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